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Defending Governator Manchin

One of my least favorite things in what has become one of my least favorite weeks of the football season is listening to WVU fans whine, bitch, moan, bellyache, complain and otherwise vent about Gov. Manchin forcing WVU into the seven-year contract with Marshall. At no point in the other 51 weeks of the year does the governor serve as such a whipping boy.

Shoot, it has made Hoppy Kercheval’s show difficult to stomach, and I generally enjoy it.

Way back when Manchin intervened, I heard Greg Hunter throw out some tripe about how he “sold out his alma mater.” I heard another fan call him “One-Term Joe.”

But we had a gubernatorial election in November 2008, and here are the results:

Manchin 492,697
Russ Weeks 181,612
Jesse Johnson 31,486
Butch Paugh 234
James Davis 17

Manchin 19,546
Weeks 9,064
Johnson 3,640
Paugh 16
Davis 2

Manchin 26,970
Weeks 6,651
Johnson 1,041
Paugh 5
Davis 1

Well, I can surmise that Manchin did better in Huntington. And maybe we can guess Johnson and Weeks got a few protest votes in Mon County (Johnson only received more votes in Kanawha).

But all in all, the flap over the WVU-MU football game was way overblown. Maybe, just maybe, some WVU fans actually like it … and the way Marshall has played, what’s not to like?

The bottom line: Manchin did the right thing, and it’s time for the whining to cease. As a WVU fan might say after one of these games, scoreboard, baby, scoreboard!