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Whiteside back to the Kings

But is that good news for the big guy? Here is one interpretation.

Tyler Wilkerson in Israel

Thanks to the folks at MU for supplying this link to Tyler, who is playing in the Israel Premier League. Best of luck to a man who served his school well for 4 years.

Willy Korn update

Let’s see … he has played two real tomato cans the last two games … having seen Ohio State-Newark try to play basketball, I am shocked that bunch tries to play football.

Korn missed a winning two-pointer against Lenoir-Rhyne, but isn’t doing poorly. Note in the stats that he has thrown *one* pick.

Albert M.: Can you say ouch?

First day of practice, other observations

I’ve seen bad starts to the preseason, but this one may top all. On second thought, it might not … Albert McClellan and Doug Legursky getting injured while I was at the State Am in 2007 is about the worst. Then again, McClellan and Legursky were upstanding citizens as well as football players.

The 3 freshmen who were dismissed were not, apparently. The folks who track the Fulmer Cup had much fun with this.

I don’t know this to be true, and will not look, but I hear some misguided fan announced on a board (not herdfans, it appears) that Antwon Chisholm attended the second pratice. Uh, not quite … though that No. 7 was Travon Van, answering one of the burning questions of the offseason.

Doc tells me there are no Clearinghouse issues that have thoroughly annoyed us in recent years.

Early practices are more re-orientation than anything, but I have a few observations:
* Plays of the day: Rashad Jackson (we’re jokingly calling him Bradshaw; he wears 44) and Mario Harvey with big picks of Brian Anderson and A.J. Graham (hope I kept that order straight).
* QB derby: Nothing conclusive to report here. Willy Korn does look like he’s been there before. It was kind of tough throwing to receivers whose heads were spinning, but he looks fine. Eddie Sullivan’s throwing motion might stand some tinkering, but he can throw the rock. … B.A. is vulnerable, as if we didn’t know (see players of the day). Stay tuned.
* Kicker derby: We’ll have to wait until Justin Haig and George Brody get accustomed to kicking sans tee off the Edwards Stadium turf.
* Injuries: Kevin Perry was riding Jacob’s Ladder in the morning … Jermaine Kelson tweaked a hammy but worked it out. As coach points out in my story, freshmen must learn EVERYTHING, and keeping out of hamstring pulls is one part.

I’ll be at morning (veterans) practice the next three days, back in Charleston in the evening.

Some Ravens news, Travon Van

Catching up today … and mourning the death of Mike Cherry, who was as good an MU beat writer (and J-school alum) as there was.

I’ll update today and tonight as I round things up, but here’s some Baltimore Ravens news.

The Orlando Sentinel isn’t overwhelmed by the Herd’s prospects, picking the Herd 84th. Notice the writer’s “look back” kind of got a few events backward: Snyder was forced out, then the Herd won the bowl game.

I’ll have a little more on Travon Van tonight/Wednesday. He is in school, though he may or may not be a “prop.” Lets put it this way: If he qualifies, his redshirting is considered very, very doubtful.

Tickets will available for the Big Green’s Sleepy Hollow stop, but you’d better step on it. They’re $25, and call Jim Ferguson at 304-552-3501 for reservations.

Ravens safety news

Just passin’ it along… it may affect Ashton Hall, you never know.

Coaches’ Top 25 is out

1-5 — Ga., USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida
6-10 — LSU, Missouri, WVU, Clemson, Texas
11-15 — Auburn, Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech
16-20 — Arizona State, BYU, Tennessee, Illinois, Oregon
21-25 — USF, Penn State, Wake Forest, Michigan, Fresno State

Mark Snyder is indeed one of the 61 coaches on the poll. UCF received votes (2), and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark put the Knights on his ballot. Tulsa picked up a vote, but I’m betting it didn’t come from Snyder.

AP reveals its ballot in about two weeks, even though the writers were forced to cough up their picks last week. Absurd, as always.

The Register-Herald had a nice piece on ex-Herd basketball star Tamar Slay. He’s heading back to Europe for 2008-09.

Johnathan Goddard fund

If you haven’t seen this elsewhere …

Marshall supporters have set up a fund to help defray the funeral expenses for Johnathan Goddard, the former All-American defensive end who was killed recently in a motorcycle accident in Florida.

Goddard had no insurance, and his family is incurring a $13,000 expense.

Donations can be mailed to The Johnathan Goddard Bereavement Fund c/o Chase Bank, 1000 Fifth Ave., Huntington, WV 25701. Pay Pal donations may be sent to

Pardon the disappearance …

It’s May and it’s a busy (and kind of fun) time of year, and the high school championships keep on rolling here in Charleston.

A couple of things that have cropped up… Chris Royal’s stay in the Arena Football League was quite short. He was let go today by the Georgia Force.

And apparently, El Paso is going hard after the 2010 Conference USA basketball tournament. It seems everybody knows Tulsa will get that tournament, but I figure the idea is to get into a rotation for later years, and it looks like one is going to form.

The UTEP arena is a bit smaller than all the other candidates and El Paso has the obvious negative of geography. But as I’ve said in a previous column, I doubt you’ll find a place that will give this tournament a warmer welcome — even if the home squad takes a hit. We’ll see if the folks there can pony up a competitive bid.