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Thoughts from Monday practice

— As you will see in my notebook, Aaron Dobson continues to be The Man at receiver, more and more.  He may have made his most ridiculous catch today.

— While I think Justin Haig will become the field-goal kicker, the kickoff duties may be up in the air for some time. Early kicks from Haig, Tyler Warner and Nick Stevens were either short or line drives, but that improved as they went along.

— A.J. Graham vs. Eddie Sullivan has gone to overtime.

— Tavaris Thompson on first unit in four-WR set? Don’t hold your breath, but … hmmmmm…

— Tyrone Carper as third safety/nickel back? That’s what I was seeing at times, with Kevin Perry huffing up the stadium steps, etc. Along those lines, Omar Brown is rising on the “please don’t get injured” list. Man, he can cover some ground.

— A little worried about Travon Van. Asked for a post-practice interview, but no go. Protecting a freshman (which is fine), or does he indeed have Clearinghouse issues? Keep in mind, coach Holliday told me there were no Clearinghouse cases. … But daggone, can Van scoot!

Will be back at the stadium Tuesday afternoon… That practice is in shells, but it will be pass-heavy, so let the QB race continue.

Interim AD, Dobson update

I’ve been off today, but heard about the appointment of David Steele as interim AD. He’s plenty capable of keeping the operation rolling until the new guy comes in, that’s for certain.

The question is: What about Jeff O’Malley? From what I can gather, Dr. Kopp wasn’t knocking Marcum’s chief of staff, and he may be a candidate for the permanent job.

But, boyyyyyyyy, the late timing — 4:30 p.m. today — is interesting, indeed. I am not sure this has happened before at MU, save for the naming of the interim AD in 1970. A very different circumstance, for certain.

Up in Canton: Aaron Dobson had two catches for 38 yards, including a 27-yard TD strike in the USA’s 55-0 evisceration of Mexico. Next up is the gold medal game against Canada, 1 p.m. Sunday.

Dobson update

1 catch for 35 yards… he might not be used again as the U.S. is steamrolling France 50-0. The German army was kinder, back in the day… 😉

Aaron Dobson update

Coming for Saturday’s paper (posted later Friday night EDT), I finally caught up to Aaron Dobson. He will be starting flanker for Team USA in the Junior World Championships in Canton, Ohio.