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Boise State, The Game and other thoughts

I’ll say it: Congratulations on Boise State for making the upper crust of college football uncomfortable again.

It was funny to hear all last week on how the Broncos had not played before big crowds and how they were going to be overwhelmed by the Hokie faithful at FedEx Field.

I knew one thing, whether or not they had the horses to win: THEY DIDN’T CARE.

All their supposed small crowds last year were above average at the respective schools, and I’m sure they were jacked up over the thought of knocking off the WAC’s Godzilla. That’s the way it is, and it prepared the Broncos for anything.

(By the way, that Kellen Moore guy? He can run the two-minute offense, can’t he?)

The bad news: We are sentenced to a full season of people whining about Boise State’s schedule. I can recite it now, but I don’t have the energy.

But here’s the deal: I blame the hoity-toity BCS schools, not Boise, for that. Yes, I do.

If the big schools were more interested in giving their fans a good product instead of fattening up on cupcakes, Boise could have another beefier nonconference game or two. I see about a half-dozen SEC schools who could have invited the Broncos to play, and should have.

But instead, we have late-season “homecoming” opponents such as:

  • Georgia State (Alabama should be DQ’d from the BCS title game for that)
  • Chattanooga (Auburn)
  • Louisiana-Monroe (LSU)
  • Louisiana-Lafayette (OK, maybe it’s not a gimme for Ole Miss)
  • Idaho State (c’mon Georgia)
  • Charleston Southern (C’MON Kentucky)
  • Eastern Michigan (Vandy)

Outside the SEC, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the opportunity for one school to bring in this team instead of Coastal Carolina. Would have created a nice buzz around the state, don’t you think?


It might be the same caller I cited in my Monday column, but some genius got on Hoppy K’s show to say WVU should drop Marshall and pick up Virginia Tech. Nobody seems to mention the Chanticleers in this discussion, do they?

You know, adding Virginia Tech would be a wise move … IF THE HOKIES WANTED TO PLAY. Last time I heard, Frank Beamer got tired of the poor treatment in Morgantown and wanted the series to end. … From experience, I can’t blame him.

It was tough to listen Hoppy while out in my car this morning, because the callers were quite the bit whiny. But give the host kudos for vigorously defending his decision to air Friday’s show from Huntington, at the Student Center fountain. As he said, that’s where the story is, whether you like it or not.