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Wednesday morning — very quick observations

— Isn’t it game week yet?
— Jermaine Kelson joined Travon Van and Ra’Shawde Myers in clearinghouse purgatory, but the MU folks expect him to get cleared…
— T.J. Ross continues to impress at middle linebacker, getting the whole workout on the first team. Even if he’s third-team after Kellen Harris, etc., gets back, he’s not redshirting… Ross does not look like he just got out of high school, nor does he talk like it. You’d like this guy…
— Injury news on Harris, Aaron Dobson encouraging, but we’re hearing “a couple of weeks” on C.J. Wood. John Bruhin, sorry to say, has slipped off the radar.
— Willy Korn has unseated Tank Tunstalle as the MU poster child for inflated expectations. I wish the guy luck and all, but I wasn’t overwhelmed. (And he’s going to an option team that won two last year?)
— We debated on whether Korn should be eligible at D-II after his summer pit stop but, hey, that’s just not our problem.
— Back to QBs who stuck around, A.J. Graham has had a nice week. I know there may be other factors, but he threw *much* better than Brian Anderson and Eddie Sullivan today, we thought.