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Dan D’Antoni’s Herd has made it to San Diego, as have I. Don’t get too envious of the weather, for we had showers here. I will be under the tent until 3 local, so I won’t be able to tell you if the sun sneaks out or not.

If you follow my Twitter feed, you saw my picture of a “Marijuana Delivered” billboard. Mitch Vingle, here as our WVU beat writer, saw a chap on the side of the street here on the San Diego State campus with a sign, “Cannabis, 21 and up.”

OK, enough weed. Basketball-wise, one thing that stands out after my first look at Wichita State is the experience. For instance, five players will be playing in their fourth NCAA tournament, including one who played at Kansas as a freshman.

Look for me to write on that, and to share what kind of questions Coach D’Antoni took from the non-Herd media. He was entertaining, as usual.

10:30 a.m. Pacific time tomorrow (Friday), the adventure begins. …