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Grades for N.C. State game


Ran for 101 yards, but 53 came on one play. The 2 penalties on that long, fruitless drive were tough to swallow, and the personal foul helped keep a touchdown out of play … how would a 30-27 deficit early in the 4th quarter play? Zero points in a half has to drag this grade down, but you cannot ignore the 20 points and 296 total yards in the other half. Another big positive: Chase Litton was sacked just once.


Honestly, holding the Wolfpack under 500 total yards was not expected. Not by me, anyway. Give the Herd credit for not giving up the run, but Ryan Finley had his way the last 2 drives of the first half and the first drive of the second.


I hate hate hate penalties on returns, and a back-side penalty that wipes out a kickoff return … Ugh! The bad snap that helped Kaare Vedvik miss a critical field goal didn’t help. Got to flunk this unit.


I’ll overlook that awful interception he threw late in the game because the issue was settled. He threw a few big-time balls to Mr. Brady, but missed some others badly. The grade may be high, but I’d take 26 of 43 for 350 every week and take my chances.


I try not to nitpick on every stinkin’ play call, but one has me beside myself. If I’m up 10-3 on a P-5 school with a brawny defensive line and have 3rd-and-10 from the defense’s 30-yard line, that ball is NOT getting handed off. Otherwise, credit the coaches for having these guys ready to get after it.


The highest possible grade for a losing effort is a C, and I’ve never given that. The second half was aggravating, but when I project this effort to what I see to the next 10 games … Hmmmmmmm. That Tyre Brady can play.