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Scrimmage observations, August 12

Hello, Herd fans:

Here for the 6 p.m. scrimmage and last public practice of the month. I won’t blog in this format after today.

And no, you’re not getting a PxP of today’s festivities.

First off, Cole Phillips is getting his first kicks I have seen (I was not here Friday). Hit from 53, despite getting under the ball too much. Looking a little like my golf shots, though not as dramatic. From 55 … one badly hit, another pulled left but long enough. We’re agreeing that he needs to concentrate on shorter kicks for now. Remember, he was out for several days.

First defense about the same, though Drayton and Kendall Gant are the safeties. … On offense, Hyleck Foster on outside, Marcel Williams in slot, Tyre Brady as usual at X. … Appears Nick Mathews is sidelined tonight.

Not much action from the ones today — waiting to hear the “we know what he can do” line — so the twos and two-pluses are getting a lot of work. That includes QBs Xavier Gaines and Isaiah Green. So far the best offensive play has been Litton-to-Brady for 19 yards. Several sacks on the reserve units.

Brenden Knox runs for 28 in reserves, then Litton hits Marcel Williams for 22 when ones come out from their own 3-yard line. I kind of like Williams …

I am reminded Ryan Bee is also out today.

Tyler King and Knox have scored in red-zone drills. Knox has had a pretty good day, really the first time I have noticed him this month. … Amareto Curraj pushes a field-goal attempt from 43 yards right, his second miss of the day. Kaare Vedvik has been perfect. …

There hasn’t been a turnover today, but two close calls — Rodney Allen dropped a pick and Knox just recovered his fumble.