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Camp observations, August 7

Hello Herd fans, we are heading into another week of camp. This is the final public week, so this is the time to come out if you’re in the area.

Not a lot of team drills. More individual stuff and 7-on-7.

Dialing in on the kicking game a little more, and guess who’s thumping some of the best punts? All hail Shane McDonough! Hmmmmm …

We watch practice from our second home, the MU pressbox. From here, the stadium rim on the far side gives a very good perspective on punts and their hang time. It’s simple: If a punt rises about the rim from where we sit, it’s a good one. If it rises above the rim, very good. If it rises above the indoor center … that’s a little tough.

The first-string linebacking corps appears to be Artis Johnson, Juwon Young and Chase Hancock, as it has been most or all the camp. May have a chat with Hancock, the Beckley man. Hancock is a fourth-year junior, so he and Frankie Hernandez are the graybeards of the unit … And speaking of Hernandez, he is taking a turn on Young’s spot on the first unit. Do remember, Young is suspended the first 4 games

Coolest day of camp so far. Very overcast, almost foggy, storms missing us to the south, 71 degrees. A little football weather, if the rain holds off.

Jaylon McClain-Sapp scores a “pick-six” after a pass from Isaiah Green slips through Monterio Hunt’s hands. Welcome to college football, Monterio.

Tyre Brady is back today, getting work on both sides, with Hyleck Foster, Willie Johnson and Marcel Williams rotating in on the first unit. Hunt even took a turn or 2 on the first unit.

Kaare Vedvik just nailed four field goals (from 30 to 35) in an impromptu live session. Made it look easy. Amareto Curraj takes a few shots from the same range, misses one left. Vedvik from 40 good, good, now 47 … good.

And the play of the day so far is a simple Chase Litton-to-Ryan Yurachek for about 30 … Yurachek is one of those I don’t write much about, because, hey, he’s entrenched. And rightly so.