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Camp observations, August 3

First off, Obi Obialo is spending his second straight practice with a cast on his left arm. …

A little surprise: The team is practicing in “shells” today … helmets and shoulder pads, shorts otherwise.

We’re going to go inside, with weather in the area. Ugh.

Took a drenching on the way to the indoor despite going through the Shewey. I’m always worried about the equipment, but it felt pretty good for me. Sun’s out now … oh, well.

Hey, at least there aren’t four dozen cops here …

I won’t say much about the QB order from here on out. Same as Wednesday: 1. Chase Litton; 2. Xavier Gaines; 3. Isaiah Green. Garet Morrell is redshirting and Jackson White … oh, never mind.

Speaking of which: We have another QB! Sporting No. 18. That will get a note today, but he’s probably a walk-on who should be trying his hand elsewhere. (cue the music) Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be walk-on quarterbacks …

Catch of the day so far comes from, we think, Monterio Hunt. (He is wearing a blue jersey and we can’t get a fix on his helmet number). He tightroped the back of the end zone to catch a nice ball from Green.

We see a No. 42 in green (offense). He’s in shoulder pads, so this isn’t his first practice. We don’t see a 42 white. We think George Davis was flipped to offense.

Said 42 white is playing outside receiver on the 2s … AND HE JUST GOT IN A FIGHT WITH DONTRELL JOHNSON. That was some quality enmity there.

Bear in mind that Tyre Brady, Darian Owens, Obi Obialo and Ryan er, Nick Mathews are on the sidelines. Suddenly, bodies are needed at WR.

FWIW, Omari Cobb is getting work with ones at LB, alongside Juwon Young and Artis Johnson. And don’t read *anything* into safety usage (Update: We don’t see Chase Hancock) … Brandon Drayton and Nazeeh Johnson? Reavis and K. Gant remain a tandem, running with twos. Still expect them to start on Sept. 2.

Tyler King still sidelined at RB ….