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Camp observations, August 2

Darian Owens gets the first snaps on the right side, with Willie J on the left side. Tyre Brady is dressed out but not participating.

Xavier Gaines takes the No. 2 snaps. … I think he has made the move. He has showed Cato-like improvisation skills early in camp, and it looks as if he runs better. (He has to slide better, right?)

Chase Litton got hooked for up-downs for botching a handoff … Hey the QBs aren’t immune to that!

What’s this? Isaiah running the 3rd string? Yes! Hmmmmmmmmm …

Read nothing into this: Stone Scarcelle running on the first unit at “X.” He’s a walk-on from Royersford, Pennsylvania. … Some “dings” on Brady and Owens, probably. … Marcel Williams running on the “2” at slot. Hmmmm.

RB Brenden Knox is showing up a little bit with the 2s … Hadn’t seen much of him to this point.

QB Jackson White, who has zero shot at starting QB, has been holder when Kaare Vedvik has taken field goals. I haven’t written about it yet, but Vedvik has a good shot at landing the dual role (sans kickoffs … I think).

Gaines just pulled off the play of the day, using the ball fake and sending it downfield to Hyleck Foster, who only had a half-step on the defender. Very good throw.

(UPDATE: Coaches are planning to redshirt Garet Morrell, get him a year away from Chase Litton, class-wise.)