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Camp observations from August 1

Hello gang,

The blog has been re-enabled and I’ll put stuff here from time to time, including game notebooks after print deadline, etc.

One caveat this month: The “public” part of practice continues through August 12, when a scrimmage will be held. After that, practices are closed to the public. We can attend under parameters of which I will not bore you. I will say this: We have it better than the poor schmucks covering Louisiana State.

(And you wonder why recruiting news has been so dreadfully popular?)

My contributions this week so far: Trey Rodriguez and Tyler King have made an early splash in the backfield; a bulked-up Levi Brown now ready to lead the offensive line back to glory.

Fielding kicks: Rodriguez is part of a small mob trying out for those duties. Others include Willie Johnson (good pick for kickoffs, as he was early last year), Gator Green, Hyleck Foster, Ryan Mathews, etc.

We had a little mano-y-mano hitting, as is customary. The main event: LB Donyae Moody got the best of TE Artis Johnson, at last according to the coaches. Offense did an “up-down” afterward.

On the O-line: A.J. Addison took the first-team snaps, with Sandley Jean-Felix going with the “twos.” This could be an item.

A little mystery: Marcel Williams took first-team reps instead of Tyre Brady who appeared to be limited. Darian Owens watched today.

Am I seeing things, or am I seeing Xavier Gaines running the “twos” today? Not that this is a surprise …

Play of the day: Isaiah Green made an ill-advised pitch to Brenden Knox, who got HAMMERED by Frankie Hernandez.

Slot receiver Nick Mathews (now No. 10) is having a really good practice. It’s going to take a move from the outside to knock him off first string, because I don’t see Gator Green or Simino Walden doing it.

Jaquan Yulee with the 2s, getting the maximum instruction from LB  coach Adam Fuller. That’s a *good* sign at this point.