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Guess at a post-spring starting lineup

You may see this guess at a starting lineup in a mag late in the summer. This is largely based on the spring, but I took some liberties.

Take this for what it is: an semi-educated guess. This won’t be the lineup come September 2, and it won’t be the lineup come November 2.

You’ll see no props (all are expected to become eligible this month, I am told by an MU source), and that includes Jaquan Yulee. In my experience, props on defense take at least a year to come close to meeting expectations — think of Mario Harvey and Vinny Curry. Running backs can be a different story, but keep MU’s pass-protection demands in mind.

Yulee’s success would likely give MU a full liberal two-unit rotation at LB, which is a plus.

Ryan Bee missed spring, so his move inside didn’t get a proper look. Still, he may be better than any three-tech on this team, if he’s healthy.

It was not a hard decision to declare Cole Phillips the starting FG kicker a month before he steps on campus. You may have noticed I did not do a kicking story during the spring. That was not an accident.

Leave a prediction in the comments or respond on Twitter. This should be an interesting topic, for sure.

QB    14    Chase Litton*    6-6    223    Jr.
RB    24    Keion Davis    6-1    214    Jr.
WR    8    Tyre Brady    6-3    206    Jr.
WR    87    Nick Mathews    5-10    176    Jr.
WR    3    Willie Johnson    6-0    171    Jr.
TE    85    Ryan Yurachek*    6-3    239    Sr.
LT    67    Sandley Jean-Felix    6-5    317    Sr.
LG    58    Jordan Dowrey*    6-1    282    Jr.
C    61    Levi Brown*    6-4    296    So.
RG    76    Nate Devers*    6-3    292    Jr.
RT    71    Tarik Adams    6-3    277    Fr.

DE    90    Damien Dozier    6-4    205    So.
DT    91    Ryan Bee*    6-7    267    Jr.
DT    54    Nyquan Harris*    6-2    307    Jr.
DE    44    Blake Keller*    6-2    240    Sr.
LB    32    Artis Johnson    6-1    211    Jr.
LB    4    Juwon Young    6-2    247    Jr.
LB    37    Chase Hancock*    6-2    220    Jr.
CB    3    Chris Jackson*    6-0    176    So.
CB    11    Rodney Allen    5-11    190    Sr.
S    1    C.J. Reavis*    6-1    215    Sr.
S    14    Kendall Gant*    6-3    204    Sr.

K    —    Cole Phillips    6-1    200    Fr.
P    16    Kaare Vedvik*    6-4    209    Sr.