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Prediction for Middle Tenn game

Hello, Herd fans!

I bring you good tidings, for basketball season is upon us! Those who can should congregate at Cam Henderson Center to see the Hurryin’ Herd open the regular season against North Carolina Central.

Should you dare to come to the football game against Middle Tennessee State, just remember two things:

The Young Thundering Herd, which picked up the pieces 45 years ago.

Three bills.

The latter refers to the 300 yards I fear I’Tavius Mathers will gain against the run-challenged Herd defense. I do believe the last 300-yard rusher to riddle the Herd was Eastern Kentucky’s Markus Thomas in 1989 (alas, I traveled there as a paying customer).

Mathers may not get all 300 on the ground, though, as he is the Blue Raiders’ No. 2 pass-catcher. But he might go nuts, even more than did Old Dominion’s Ray Lawry last week.

The Herd defense may also suffer another 35 minutes on the field, thanks to the Herd offense. I have no further comment on the latter unit.