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In today’s game preview, the burning topic is simple: Can the Herd win on the road?

Tonight’s game will provide a unique mental test for a Thundering Herd team that wants to remain a contender.

Road game on a short week — how well did this team manage that? Small crowd, as you don’t expect Tulsa’s usual loyal 20K in the stands. With the season plummeting to 2-7, not everybody’s on board here.

If you’re treating this Tulsa team like it’s’ 2-7,  you do so at your own peril. I figure this proud program is itching to screw up both division races (Tulsa has North Texas to finish season). It still has plenty of talent, such as Trey Watts and LB Shawn Jackson. If Tulsa wins, Watts will a huge day, as he did last year in Huntington. He needs 143 yards to reach 1,000 for the second straight game.

Here is what I worry about: Freshman QB Dane Evans somehow turning into Superman. He hasn’t looked very good to date, but how good can he be, how soon? Especially if Marshall presents the same pass rush as it did at Middle Tennessee? (That is, none.)

My game capsule gives you some of stat tidbits, completely useless trivia, etc., and it warns that you’re in for another long night of Petros Papadakis on Fox Sports 1.

Follow me on Twitter, though I will be on tight deadline at the end. If the game goes 3:50, it will be very tight.

And finally, if you were able to go to today’s ceremony, tell us how it went.

Enjoy the game.