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Grades for FAU game


Out and out wasted the first half. Got stopped on fourth down in FAU territory. Passing game way out of sync, rushing game was going nowhere for the longest time.

But this is strange: MU ended up averaging 4.1 yards per rush and converted half its first downs. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

But this does: Marshall has tried to recruit some big-play talent, and I saw some tonight. Gator Hoskins, Moo Moo Smith, Craig Wilkins. That’s why you win by a point on the road when you play like crap for long stretches.


A shaky second half, yes, but a pretty good first half that was wasted by the offense. Holmes and Hewitt are STUDS. D.J. Hunter is still working on pass coverage skills, for sure. Derrick Thomas had a rough game.  Big stop at the end when FAU could have run the clock out. You’ve got to take it.


Moo Moo, Justin Haig and all around them won the game.


Cato’s Houdini act, clutch throws and 2-minute drive overcame all that wildness and shaky checks. The illegal forward pass was a head-scratcher, though it was harmless. This is a cool, cool dude.


I wanted another first down there at the end, when Doc ordered Cato to run down the clock and then spike it. Doc pointed out that he didn’t want to flirt with things too much, with no timeouts. He rolled the dice and won.


Some of you know I predicted an FAU victory. If you didn’t see why, you should now. The Herd played crappy for long stretches against a fired-up home team with very good speed. This was game was almost custom-ordered for a stumble and Marshall AVOIDED IT. That, my friends, was refreshing.