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What they said in VT aftermath

From elsewhere:

Saturday night stuff From the Roanoke Times here.

From, Andrea Adelson’s take:

Virginia Tech D is not perfect: The Hokies went into the game with the No. 2 ranked defense in the entire nation, but they did not play that way in the first half against Marshall, giving up 21 points and 205 yards while staring at a deficit. Virginia Tech had a much harder time slowing down the hurry-up offense Marshall runs. I called this group the “hands down best defense” in the ACC but that title appears to be up for grabs right now. Virginia Tech did regain its composure in the second half and allowed just 156 yards the rest of the way, with two interceptions and a fumble recovery. But this was the most uneven performance out of this group this year. You have to wonder how much the struggles of the offense are going to start taking its toll on the defense.

I hate to cite a Bleacher Report analysis, especially with a  Dan Wolken tweet, but I’ll include this on the state of the Virginia Tech program.

You’ll enjoy this from CBS’ Bruce Feldman:

Stat of the Day, Take III: Miami of Ohio is 3 of 40 on third-down tries. That’s like making FIU look like Oregon.

(Shame on the Herd. It allowed RedHawks to go 2 of 13.)

Finally, USA Today’s 1 through 125 re-rankings. Marshall (53) is five spots below East Carolina,  six below Ohio. Va Tech is 32 and Miami (Ohio) is 114.