Grades for Virginia Tech game

September 21, 2013 by Doug Smock


This is easily the best offensive effort against Virginia Tech, but the running game deteriorated down the stretch and passing became difficult.


I have all those butt-kickings in Blacksburg in my brain. Good tackling on Logan Thomas, to a large degree. Alex Bazzie was a stud. Fourth-down stop was manly. This unit has me feeling pretty good after four games.


That blocked punt could have started a rout. Ditto the missed field goal. Good kick coverage, though.


Great runs in first half lead to this grade. He struggled sometimes in the rainy conditions and the VT pass rush, and his first interception was pretty bad, I thought. He deserved a better fate on his final pass, which Davonte Allen should have had.

COACHING: A in preparation, F in game management

The flunking had everything to do with going for the field goal in wretched conditions. Pregame prep couldn’t have been better, in my opinion.

Just below my highest grade for a loss. Virginia Tech faces a few bumps in the ACC road, but that’s still a sturdy bunch. An agonizing loss, but this team can (and should) profit from it later.

2 Responses to “Grades for Virginia Tech game”

  1. tradebait says:

    Offensive line got whipped badly in second half. A lot of blame on coaches but when you get beat up front nothing works. Really bad no call on interference
    in end zone. Allen has to make that catch. I like the toughness of this team. Need the bye to heal.

  2. Phil says:

    Agree great plan, and MU played a hard-hitting game.

    Here’s where Doc absolutely lost me: VT misses FG in 1st OT, and apparently the ghost of Mark Snyder called the next series… 3 runs right up the middle. He played for a 40 yd FG in a torrential downpour… With a kicker who already missed from 36. this is not second guessing because I said it out loud at the time: after the first 2 runs right up the middle, if MU had faked the 3rd handoff and thrown to a TE running a post pattern, he would have easily had a first down and probably walked into the end zone. he tightened up instead of going for it.

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