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Follow-up on Tulane keys

As if it matters, here goes:

– Key Josh Davis under 20 points or under 10 rebounds … or both.

CHECK. 18/12. The man is REALLY GOOD.

– Keep Tulane under 50 percent from 3-point range. … 40 percent would be even better.

CHECK, BUT NO CHECK. Green Wave hit 7 of last 9, seizing the game.

– As a corollary, keep Jordan Callahan from hitting every 3 he tries.

CHECK, but Tarrant and Cherry hit the shots.

– Win last 6 minutes of first half, even if it’s by a point or so.

CHECK, 5-3.

– Don’t give up 50 in the paint (this is a drive-oriented team).

CHECK. MU outscored Tulane 40-24.

– The usual: Under 18 turnovers, win rebounds, don’t shoot more than 21 3s.

NOPE. Minus-3 in rebounding.


NOPE, though Tinnon actually tried. This was one of my longstanding beefs with this team.

That, and giving up too many 3-pointers. Especially to teams who shoot it from 23 feet.

A critical offseason looms for Coach Herrion and staff.