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More on 3-pointer, sort-of-new C-USA projections

Addendum to Monday morning column:

Can somebody sandblast the 3-point line off the basketball courts of America?

I say that wistfully after watching Marshall clank it at 3 of 26 from that funky arc in a 52-48 loss to UB. The zone got into the Thundering Herd’s collective head and settled for bombs way too much.

The Herd’s season percentage fell to .306, dangerously close to a “Mendoza Line” of sorts. As of the 21st, MU was ranked 257th of the 286 teams in Division I that hit 5 or more a game. I’m betting the UAB game knocks it down a dozen spots, give or take.

Oddly enough, MU’s average rises to .308 (still lousy) when it takes 20-plus shots in a game. But try it 25 times and the percentage plummets to .291.

Here’s the number on Elijah Pittman, who should take a step across the arc and fire from 17-18 feet:

For the season, he’s 54 of 148, a decent .365. But in games he lets loose 6 or more, that falls to .323; in 8 or more .288 and 10 or more .250. The 4 games he has tried 10 or more have come in MU’s last 8 games, regrettably.

I’d love to see Marshall end its 24-year streak of making a 3 in every game — not by going 0 for 24 or something like that, but by going 0 for 0. If I ever see that in person, that team’s coach is automatically my hero.

There was almost no change in C-USA projected standings, because only Marshall messed up the script by losing to UAB. Here’s how it looks now:

1. 16-0 — Memphis (now 13-0) at UCF, at UTEP, UAB // WWW
2. 12-4 — So Miss (10-3) ECU, Marshall, UCF // WLW
3. 10-6 — UTEP (7-5) Houston, at Rice, Memphis, SMU // WWLW
4. 9-7 — Tulsa (6-7) Tulane, SMU, at Rice // WWW
5. 8-8 — Tulane (6-6) UAB, at Tulsa, at ECU, Houston // WLWL
6. 8-8 — ECU (7-6) at So Miss, Tulane, Marshall // LLW
7. 7-9 — Houston (4-8) at UTEP, Marshall, Rice, at Tulane // LWWW
8. 7-9 — UAB (5-7) at Tulane, SMU, UCF, at Memphis // LWWL
9. 7-9 — Marshall (5-8) at Houston, So Miss, at ECU // LWL
10. 4-12 — SMU (3-9) Rice, at UAB, at Tulsa, UTEP // WLLL
11. 1-15 — Rice (1-11) All losses

All the early matchups at the C-USA tournament would be the same. The only difference is that Marshall would wear dark jerseys in the 8-vs.-9 game.