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As always, I will be courtside at Cam Henderson Center for the Thundering Herd’s bout with Conference USA cellar-dweller Rice. … I’m not sure I want to consider the possibility of the Herd losing.

We’ve talked about the Herd’s road-vs.-home performance all season, but here are a few stats that really bring it out:
— FG defense: Opponents are shooting just .399 from the floor when the Herd is home, but .495 when the Herd is on the road. An outrageous difference, far beyond any difference in quality of opposition.

— 3-point defense: This is worse — visitors are an anemic .304 at Marshall, but a red-hot .435 when hosting the Herd.

— Offensive rebounding percentage: This is my favorite rebounding stat, but I don’t quote it that often because it may confuse the issue.

You take your offensive rebounds and compare it to the opponents’ defensive rebounds. A percentage of .400 is pretty good; .500 is dominating.

MU at home is .409, which I think has been better the previous two seasons. But the road number plummets to .314, which is unacceptable.

Some food for thought entering tonight’s game. Rice will be a pesky deliberate bunch that could hang around the first 20, 25 minutes … but at some point, the Herd must dispatch them. Those guys are 5-18 for a reason.