OK, so basketball’s not important, right?

December 11, 2012 by Doug Smock

It looks like the hoops fallout is finally interrupting the Big East realignment train. I wondered when the non-football schools would question the league’s East Coast Hockey League model of expansion (take a bunch of teams, see what sticks). I wondered when the value of the TV contract would become so ordinary it wouldn’t work for those schools. I wondered when MSG would look at the field and say, “Is this product worthy enough for us to blow a week of potential concert dates?”

I’m thinking the eventual big, big fight will come over the Big East brand name, who owns it and what is its ultimate value. Whatever the case, I’ve got my popcorn popped on this one. This is going to be fun.

My final question: Did the Big East do a minute of “due diligence” over Tulane?


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  1. James says:

    Has Marshall considered inquiring to become part of the new Big East? I believe it could bring national attention to Marshall and provide the recruiting boost they need to compete for championships again.

  2. Doug Smock says:

    It’s a small world and the process isn’t that formal these days. If Marshall has a chance to get in another league that is worthwhile, the process is under way. That said, don’t hold your breath and turn blue.

  3. Thrill2310 says:

    James the Big East is a joke. It will gain us no more than we are now. It is a forgotten conference that no longer has a seat at the big boys table so to speak. Boise and SDST are strongly considering staying in the MWC. Here is what the Big East is. The Big East is a party that all the schools jumping CUSA were trying to find a ride to get to. Now that they finally got there they find out the lights are out and most of the people had already left. Now they are they are the ones there left with the mess.

    The Big East is dying. They have already lost their Big East ties and they are looked at the same as CUSA, MWC, Sun Belt, and MAC. No one care about them. I mean seriously look what is left.

    Cincinnati (on their way out)
    UCONN (on their way out)
    Boise State (Having second thoughts)
    San Diego State (Having second thoughts)
    Navy (Not a full member yet)

    Not exactly a money conference. Football is driving the bus here but as soon as the basketball schools (Georgetown, Marquette, Villanova, St. John’s, Depaul, Providence, and Seton Hall) leave it will kill this conference. It is a sinking ship and it is going down fast. It was said in an article on ESPN that the basketball schools were pissed about Tulane and ECU and had ECU been invited in all sports they were ready to leave right then and there. ECU would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I mean seriously. Our tv contract will be just as good as theirs will be. As we have found out this is all done by location and tv markets not product on the field. There is no arguing that when you invite Tulane for anything.

    The Big East is going to have teams in the Tampa, Philly, Boise, Houston, Orlando, Memphis, Dallas, New Orleans, and Greenville tv markets and if they hold on to the other three they will have the Boise, San Diego, and Maryland markets. Pretty good. Now look at CUSA after everyone joins. CUSA will have 2 teams in the Miami market, then four teams in Texas two of which are in Houston and San Antonio, Charlotte, Birmingham, Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

    So as far as TV markets go there really isn’t anything worth running to in the Big East. Now there is an argument that most of these teams in CUSA may reside in good tv markets but do not bring the eye balls to the sets. Well I have news for those that left to the Big East and want to go there. None of their teams bring eye balls to the tvs either. Well Boise owns their area but all the other teams aren’t even after thoughts where they are.

    Going to the Big East at this point in time in my opinion would be a mistake. When all the dust settles if they survive as a conference then we will be on nearly equal footing. I mean once we have the four super 16 conferences and they break away The Big East may be regarded as the top Non-AQ conference but that is like saying your the tallest midget. It really doesn’t matter.

    We just need to sit tight and take care of buisness. The way I see it from here on out CUSA is going to be Marshall and Tulsa for at least the next five years. None of the other teams are scary in the least bit and the ones that had good coaches have either left for bigger jobs or fired and Southern Miss is an absolute dumpster fire right now. We were a below average defense away from being an 8-10 win team. We have a good defense and we possibly only lose one game.

    Don’t be surprised if Boise and SDST stay put, Navy doesn’t move, Cincy and UCONN bolt, the basketball schools break away, and the other schools left come back.

  4. Karl says:

    How does East Carolina allow itself to only be admitted in football? Look at the rest of the members in the Big East. Why wouldn’t ECU say take us in all sports or not at all? ECU showed a shocking lack of pride in its own athletic dept.

  5. DougSmock says:

    ECU really pulled the rug out from under basketball coach Jeff Lebo. Theoretically, the Pirates will have a better chance at winning in a smaller conference, but Lebo didn’t sign up for the (slightly watered down) CAA or Southern Conference, that’s for sure.

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