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Pregame intros, follow me @dougsmock tonight

From time to time, I’ve tried to look for a decent video of East Carolina’s entrance on YouTube. Today, it pops up for me right off the bat. The Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze” doesn’t come across nearly as clear as it does in person, but the  video is as representative as you can get from a smartphone.

I’ll miss these guys in Conference USA. I’ll miss Memphis in several ways. I’ll almost miss Central Florida. The other defectors to the Big East? Not so much.

Upon quick search, I see this Marshall intro video, but I’m looking for something much better. My observation: The intro works MUCH better after dark. Scoreboard video was pretty daggone good, but I’m challenging the creative forces behind it to push harder next year.

Back into basketball season, do you like that video board production? It’s fine, but it loses something with Tom Herrion facing away from the camera when he yells “Go Herd!” I much preferred last year’s ending.

And finally, I stand solidly behind the Mountaineer mascot for knocking off a bear with the university-issued muzzleloader and whooping it up for YouTube. I’d like it better if I could actually find the video … if you can, fire me the link. And if you get that guy to come down to Kanawha County and pick off 2 or 3 deer, I’ll personally welcome him. (Had a deer bounce off my hood a few months back.)

I’ll be back in the house tonight, courtside for Marshall vs. Coppin State. This is an otherwise outmanned team that throws all its chips on pressure defense … Let’s see how the Herd copes.