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Capital Classic aftermath

Marshall has lost to West Virginia before, and lost to the Mountaineers much worse than it did Wednesday night, but I haven’t felt as negative a vibe out of that camp as I did after this game — at least in what little postgame I was able to attend. You could tell it in Tom Herrion’s voice.

Deniz Kilicli and his mates came to Charleston, took Marshall’s lunch money and rubbed the Herd’s face in it.

Here is the MetroNews video with Robert Goff’s fateful kick of Juwan Staten. Looks like Goff got his money’s worth, and probably would get a game suspension from the C-USA office if it happened in a league game. We’ll see if anything is done here.

I’ll chip in my 2 cents by copying my response to a faithful Herd fan just a few minutes ago, with some mild alterations. It may answer a few questions/comments you may have, but feel free to contribute.


I would suggest Marshall’s problems are more on offense, against a real defense. You’re going to have to live with [DeAndre] Kane at PG, because Herrion threw his chips on Canty. If you have an alternative, I’m all ears. To this point, Chris Martin has shown he isn’t that answer.

I’m glad to see [Elijah] Pittman got the ball more than he did in the Wilmington game. Now he needs it even more.

Marshall could have packed a 2-3 zone all 40 minutes and the big guys still would have gotten abused by Kilicli and Co. The Herd got mugged. That said, Herrion is a man-to-man man, and that’s that. He’s not the first coach to think that way, he won’t be the last.

Dennis Tinnon’s game was a mystery; he’s a whole lot better than that. D.D. Scarver did get this shots and made some.
Nigel Spikes was disappointing on defense and Robert Goff probably wasn’t ready to play 20 minutes again. Kane’s failures to finish are still a mystery, but PG duties may be affecting him as games wear on.

If this team copes with defensive pressure better, it won’t be so average. Just a hunch.


1-7 Coppin State should be the proverbial mouthwash the Herd needs to get that taste out of its mouth … And then it’s a week before Cincinnati comes to town, and the Bearcats remember how Marshall punched them in the mouth last year.