Capital City aftermath, Part II

December 6, 2012 by Doug Smock

Before I start, let’s make this clear: I have previously advocated that Marshall sever all athletic relations with West Virginia. But I have done so for strictly off-the-field reasons, which I shall not rehash here.

But I’m a long, long, long way from coming out with something like this, which reads like somebody with a skinned elbow wanting to take his ball and run home. Am I interpreting that the wrong way?

I’ve seen uglier games in the Southern Conference, for crying out loud. This is men’s Division I college basketball, not ballet.

5 Responses to “Capital City aftermath, Part II”

  1. Thrill2310 says:

    Landon is a competel hack job. Had we won that game last night he would be writing a column that we are just as good as wvu and how great the game is and how this should be an example on why we need to reup the football series. Landon is almost always wrong and when you fact check a lot of what he spouts off you will see that I am correct on that. Landon just trolls people and he gets paid for it.

  2. HerdFan120612 says:

    Of all the times you’ve called CL out on your blog and in your column, have you two ever had words in person? Just wondering what the relationship there is if any at all.

  3. Doug Smock says:

    You may not realize I worked with ol’ Charles for 10+ years at another paper, and that ended 10 years ago. He once gave me a kitten, which lived to be 18. So yes, we go back a ways.

    Today being 12/6/12, I am betting your Yahoo account is hours old. Hmmmmmm … 😉

  4. Jim Jones says:

    I always feel like Chuck’s job at the HD is to get people railing one way or the other, just like here. I tune it out mostly. I am one in the camp that the series needs to go on, but if not when the legislature is in session it needs to move back to a home and home date.

  5. SheikYbuti says:

    Sigh. Here we go again with the home-and-home stuff, just like the football series. Why, oh why, would WVU ever agree to a basketball home-and-home with the Herd, where it might go 7-5 over a 12-year period, when it can go 9-3 over the same period at the Civic Center? Someday, the Marshall folks will figure out that they want to play WVU more than WVU wants to play them. That means some concessions on the part of the Herd in order to make it happen. That’s not evil, or unfair, but just the way the law of supply and demand works. No complaining about where the games are, or when they take place during the season, and try to have your athletes and coaches maintain at least a semblance of sportsmanship. Don’t try to start fights, flop on the sideline when barely touched, or refuse to give credit to the other team when your team loses (we beat ourselves!). All that stuff makes your team look bush league, and I think Marshall should have enough self-respect to be better than that.

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