Grades for Houston game

November 17, 2012 by Doug Smock

I’ve been tweetin’ up a storm, but deliquent over here in the blog.

First order of business: Marshall “wins” 95-30 in the SMH Index for ill-time penalties, though Doc would dispute the Billy Mitchell foul.

Now the grades:

Tough to argue with 665 total yards and 288 yard rushing, but the Herd needed to cash in after halftime. Three field goals aren’t a good sign in most Conference USA games.

Another really good half, another near-disaster in the other half. Houston got one outrageous lucky break and that desperation pass off the fumbled snap. Shoot, Marshall falls on that loose ball, the game might be a rout.

Shoot, we can argue the game was won on special teams, eh? Haig’s kick, great squib afterward, right? And what about Houston’s Hogan booting his last kickoff out of bounds. Wow.

The one pick that was Cato’s fault squandered a chance for Marshall to go up 38-10. Perhaps Houston’s spirit would have been squashed, but we’ll never know.

I heard/read at least two different people this week calling for Bill Legg’s head. What??????? I see the gnashing of teeth on the defensive side, but the MU offense is *fun* again, folks.

On the other hand, there was a little bit of “playing not to lose,” which I don’t care for. Doc went by the book late in the game going for that field goal and the 41-38 lead, but I might have gone for it on fourth-and-4 at the Houston 9. Then again, I’m a maverick.

Had ’em all the way, right? On to Greenville, with a bowl game on the line.

3 Responses to “Grades for Houston game”

  1. James says:

    Cato threw several into the ground on Saturday. One was so sharply thrown in to the ground, it looked a lot like a spike. Glove problem?

  2. Doug Smock says:

    Could be a glove problem … the pass you refer to never quite got out of his hand … kind of a ball-slip in reverse.

  3. Thrill2310 says:

    Good to see a writer with some sense. Did anyone see where Chuck Landon gave the offense a defense both a C? He blamed the bad defensive performance on the offense. Starting to look like Doug here is the best one we got going. Keep up the good work Doug.

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