Grades for UAB game

November 10, 2012 by Doug Smock

I really don’t care what this unit did the final 20 minutes. It was dreadful in the first 40, plain and simple. You would have thought the Herd was playing Central Florida. Yuck.

Yes, a C. This was the least culpable unit, giving up 31 points and 406 total yards. You want to do better, yes, but this side is still the least culpable, period.

I never dreamed the Herd would have given up its first punt return TD since 2009. Not even a blocked field goal could save this.

I’m thinking Cato should have passed on running after a few of those 2-yard gains. … Was UAB *truly* dropping 8 on some of these plays?

It’s simple: Offensive coaches flunked on UAB defensive changes, and it essentially cost MU the game. That, and the Herd coming out flat, as several players have said. You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

Marshall should never lose to UAB, under any circumstances. Especially with the season on the line.

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  1. Disgusted says:

    I thought the Herd players were very flat and played very uninspired football. Some offensive players would stand around DURING a play having gotten a block, but failed to continue downfield to look for someone else to hit. This is what I was taught in college, and a good coach should never tolerate this type of laziness! On the UAB punt return for a touchdown, the punter was able to grab the ball carrier’s legs enough to slow him down, and I thought the pursuit would catch him at that point…but THERE WAS NO PURSUIT! WHY??? Nobody even close!!!! A lot of coaches would have players running laps and sprints for that! Mine did! That’s simply unacceptable, plain and simple! Doc needs to kick some butt and get those guys in line or they may not win another game this season!

  2. Dale says:

    What bothers me is we have had many games under Doc where we did not compete. What does it take to get a team ready to play? I am concerned that this staff can recruit but is unable to get a team in position to make plays. This is as bad a loss as the New Hampshire game under Snyder. We look disorganized and unmotivated. This one is on the coaching staff.

  3. HerdFan says:

    I have a feeling there is a writer somewhere in Hattiesburg claiming that USM should never lose to UAB, too.

  4. James says:

    I still say defense needs an F. They are fundamentally unsound most of the time. Over-pursuit, not breaking down in the gaps, poor tackling, etc. Plus, the coaches have them doing something that most opposing offensive coordinators see every week on film. There is NO WAY most of these opposing offenses we’ve played seems to make plays at key moments when said opposing needs a play.

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