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Mythical C-USA rankings for Nov. 8

So you think I should run to Tuscaloosa Friday night and mix it up with that crowd? I dunno …

Anyway, here we go:

1. Central Florida (After pillaging SMU, long flight to El Paso won’t matter. Next: at UTEP)
2. Tulsa (Couldn’t cash in last chance to save league’s honor. … I think. Next: At Houston)
3. East Carolina (Follows nasty loss to Navy with romp over Houston. Next: Well-earned siesta)
4. Marshall (Going to have to pick up the pace at home next week. Next: at UAB)
5. SMU (Pounded by UCF. Next: Southern Miss)
6. Houston (Pounded by ECU, but has chance to do something about it. Next: Tulsa)
7. Rice (Warning: These guys could steal a bowl berth. Really. Next: Siesta)
8. UAB (Excellent rally at Southern Miss … Next: Marshall)
9. Tulane (5 turnovers vs. Rice knocks Green Wave out. Next: at Memphis)
10. Texas-El Paso (Finally, Miners are auditioning a new QB … and feeding him to the lions. Next: UCF)
11. Memphis (Give Tigers credit for game effort at Marshall. Next: Tulane)
12. Southern Miss (And now, the suspensions are beginning. Saturday: at SMU)