Mythical C-USA rankings for Oct. 8

October 8, 2012 by Doug Smock

It must be an open week. My body has defaulted to sleep mode. At least that is my excuse if you think these rankings are nuts.

1. Central Florida (Outscored ECU 40-6 after Pirates took quick 14-0 lead. Next: home vs. Southern Miss)
2. Tulsa (May have best team with worst QB since Rob Calabrese started at UCF. Next: home vs. UTEP, Thursday)
3. Marshall (Clumbed a spot after a loss, yes. But who would you put ahead of Herd? Next: Chillin’ and watchin’ UCF-Southern Miss)
4. Houston (I guess Coogs remembered Charles Sims was on their side. Next: home vs. UAB
5.  SMU (Second C-USA shutout in two years … OK, so last year’s was against Memphis, but still … Next: At Tulane)
6. East Carolina (QB Shane Carden can do damage when he gets time. Which UCF didn’t give him. Next: home vs. Memphis)
7. UAB (I can’t believe I’m doing this. Saturday: at Houston)
8. Texas-El Paso (As Miners zoom toward bowl ineligibility, I’m still overrating them. But I’m not overrating Nick Lamaison, trust me. He’s not good. Next: Thursday at Tulsa)
9. Rice (Losing to Memphis. How could you? Next: home vs. UT-San Antonio)
10. Southern Miss (Home game with Boise State looked intriguing not so long ago. Saturday: at Central Florida)
11. Memphis (Blind Squirrels land acorn, ruin perfectly good Memphis-Tulane matchup Nov. 10. Saturday: at East Carolina)
12. Tulane (D.J. Ponder (no relation) 14 of 39, 2 picks vs. UL-Lafayette. Next: home vs. SMU.)

4 Responses to “Mythical C-USA rankings for Oct. 8”

  1. Greg says:

    I don’t know… With Rice losing to Memphis Herd’s lone C-USA win seems pretty blah.

  2. DougSmock says:

    Certainly, but who do you put ahead? Take your C-USA road wins when you can get ’em, I have learned. That’s nine in eight seasons.

  3. Richard says:

    CUSA is awful this year. The MAC rates in front of it. MU should be able to win 5 (don’t think they beat Central Florida). that gets us to a bowl. Seems like I was thinking this last year about this time. Is this progress?

  4. DougSmock says:

    Offensively, I see a LOT of progress. I saw expected improvement, but I did not see this coming. Having sat through boring, half-effective offenses in the past 6-8 years, I find this refreshing.

    There is nothing about this defense that surprises me. Thought punting would be horrendous, so that is a pleasant surprise. Kickoff returns are disappointing, to be nice.

    A 5-1 finish would make for a 6-2 conference record, with an agonizing loss to Tulsa and (one guesses) UCF. Absolutely, that would be progress, even in a otherwise crapola league.

    It seems like I have gone from grumpy pessimist to semi-optimist. I am shocked.

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