Grades for Tulsa game (with SMH Index)

October 6, 2012 by Doug Smock

Re-tallied SMH Index for bad penalties … Tulsa 135, Marshall 95. That’s not a bad development, but it does not count Antavious Wilson’s offensive pass interference (which was a good call).

As we know, the refs booted 2 calls: the roughing/running into the kicker and Dexter McCoil shot to the head of Gator Hoskins.


Can’t look past 3 turnovers, 1 that resulted in a Tulsa score, or the failure to score a touchdown three different times in the red zone. Otherwise, the Herd wore out one of C-USA’s better defenses.

Tackling was shaky at best, but the Herd had 4 3-and-outs, believe it or not. With MU’s offense, giving up 31 points and 340 total yards is not a horrendous result.

Gave up one fumble, recovered one fumble. Gave up kickoff return, which should never happen in today’s rules. Kickoff returns still blah. Hope Tyler Williams isn’t hurt long-term.

Perhaps Cato had better options on the 2 drives late in the game. Some run-pass options went the wrong way. The one pick was an awful decision, on second-and-3, no less. But Cato played well enough to win … and what about Blake Frohnapfel’s one play, converting a third-and-11. Rock solid there.

Must re-examine the kick return team, and have to re-examine short-yardage defense after Alex Singleton’s 48-yard dash. 2 timeouts were used in the second half and neither were excusable, I thought.

Whiffed on an opportunity to go 3-3, 2-0 at the halfway point and make a statement to the rest of the league. Second half of schedule looks much easier, though.

The SMH Index summary:

Tulsa pass interference 10
Marshall personal foul on PAT 15
Marshall false start in red zone Dobson. 10
Tulsa personal foul 15
Marshall personal foul on Hoskins, 15+20
Tulsa face mask 15+20
Tulsa pass interference 10+20
Marshall personal foul 15+20
Tulsa pass interference on 3rd down 20
Tulsa personal foul 15+10

Marshall 95, Tulsa 135



4 Responses to “Grades for Tulsa game (with SMH Index)”

  1. K00laid says:

    Defense is beyond the point of “we’ve gotta get that fixed.” If we want to grow a change is going to need to be made. Curry, Johnson, Jackson and Brown simply made Rippon look decent last year.

  2. MU05 says:

    At some point, the defense has to step up. You can’t ask the offense to score more points per game than they already are, and it’s unfair to blame this loss on turnovers. We would’ve been blownout practically every game this season if not for our offense, and this game would’ve been a repeat of last year. The elements just aren’t coming together on the defensive side of the ball. If Doc doesn’t have the answers, then who does?

  3. DougSmock says:

    Just looking at it without emotion, that defense needs to force some turnovers. That is a throwback to 2007, when the Herd had 7 takeaways the entire season. MU is 106th or thereabouts in that category. Notice Derrick Thomas’ dropped interception … those MUST be caught.

    I think Alex Bazzie will be the real deal at DE. Love Jeremiah Taylor, but he’s got to step it up. If D.J. Hunter were 20 pounds heavier than his 210, he’d be an all-conference LB right now. He’s all over the place, but his size goes against him. Then again, who would you put there?

    Jermaine Holmes and Cortez Carter may be a year away at MLB. At Will, Evan McKelvey’s injury hurts more than any of us thought. He was quickly becoming starting caliber, and keeping Devin Arrington fresh. On the bright side, Dom and “O” are really asserting themselves at safety.

    Surprising stat I will repeat: The defense gave up 31 points, not 45, and *340* total yards. Remember, Tulsa scored on a fumble-6 and a kickoff return. (Special teams have been shaky this year, at best.) On the other hand, Tulsa has declined at the QB position.

    I suspect the 2nd-half schedule will make the Herd defense look a little better. Go over those 6 teams and see for yourself.

    Just finished my Monday column, in which I draw spooky parallels to the 1987 Thundering Herd team. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  4. Dale says:

    What a fun, exasperating, exciting, frustrating team to watch. Big plays, crucial errors, excellent offensive execution, bad tackling and some questionable coaching moves.
    Keep your blood pressure medicine handy. This team can win the rest of their games or lose all of them. It will not be boring that’s for sure.

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