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Grades for Tulsa game (with SMH Index)

Re-tallied SMH Index for bad penalties … Tulsa 135, Marshall 95. That’s not a bad development, but it does not count Antavious Wilson’s offensive pass interference (which was a good call).

As we know, the refs booted 2 calls: the roughing/running into the kicker and Dexter McCoil shot to the head of Gator Hoskins.


Can’t look past 3 turnovers, 1 that resulted in a Tulsa score, or the failure to score a touchdown three different times in the red zone. Otherwise, the Herd wore out one of C-USA’s better defenses.

Tackling was shaky at best, but the Herd had 4 3-and-outs, believe it or not. With MU’s offense, giving up 31 points and 340 total yards is not a horrendous result.

Gave up one fumble, recovered one fumble. Gave up kickoff return, which should never happen in today’s rules. Kickoff returns still blah. Hope Tyler Williams isn’t hurt long-term.

Perhaps Cato had better options on the 2 drives late in the game. Some run-pass options went the wrong way. The one pick was an awful decision, on second-and-3, no less. But Cato played well enough to win … and what about Blake Frohnapfel’s one play, converting a third-and-11. Rock solid there.

Must re-examine the kick return team, and have to re-examine short-yardage defense after Alex Singleton’s 48-yard dash. 2 timeouts were used in the second half and neither were excusable, I thought.

Whiffed on an opportunity to go 3-3, 2-0 at the halfway point and make a statement to the rest of the league. Second half of schedule looks much easier, though.

The SMH Index summary:

Tulsa pass interference 10
Marshall personal foul on PAT 15
Marshall false start in red zone Dobson. 10
Tulsa personal foul 15
Marshall personal foul on Hoskins, 15+20
Tulsa face mask 15+20
Tulsa pass interference 10+20
Marshall personal foul 15+20
Tulsa pass interference on 3rd down 20
Tulsa personal foul 15+10

Marshall 95, Tulsa 135