Grades for Purdue game

September 30, 2012 by Doug Smock

I still remember the day this program couldn’t get 534 total yards in 2 games … wasn’t that 2011? But this grade might stand to be lower — the 3 picks turned the game, right?

Gave up drives of 89, 75, 53, 62 and 78, couldn’t stop most 3rd downs, got shredded by the inside screen. But you know what I liked? This unit stayed physical throughout the game — actually, those guys got more physical in the 2nd half — and only allowed 149 rushing yards, less the 3.0 per carry.

The punt-block for a touchdown raises this grade. Take your pick: Weak returns, one blocked field goal, penalty on return (oh, do I hate that), etc. … Ugh.

Same theme… Can’t throw to the other team… On 2nd pick, he led defender. On 3rd, should have never gone wide side and let CB jump the route.

Not sure what to do here. Hate to see big cushions on *downfield* passes to the sideline. … Anybody want to adjust to the middle screen? etc., etc., etc. Then again, offensive strategy did as much as could be expected to keep Purdue DTs from dominating. … Second-half attitude a big, big plus.

The score could have been 51-14 with a lot of recent Marshall teams (Hey, that was the Wisconsin score, right?). What the heck, bring on Tulsa.

2 Responses to “Grades for Purdue game”

  1. Dana says:

    The defense was actually somewhat improved from the Rice game if that’s saying much. Purdue is a better team and I agree that the defense looked stronger in the second half.
    Biggest problem is they are not forcing any turnovers. That’s been a problem alll season.

    The offense actually outscored Perdue in the second half by 18.

    If not for that disastrous 2nd quarter we would be talking about one of the best OOC wins ever

  2. Tony says:

    Until Saturday, protecting the football hasn’t been a major issue for MU. I don’t remember ever seeing 3 picks on 3 straight drives. I don’t know anything about Tulsa’s defense, but Cato has to stop looking down his receivers.

    Whether it’s giving up huge downfield passing plays, playing soft on the corners, being burned by the draw, or yielding huge yards on middle screens, this may be the worst coached MU defense I’ve ever seen. My heart wants to say they’ll put it together for Homecoming, but my head says . . . Tulsa 49, MU 42.

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