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Updated projection…

… after my ridiculous hunch pick of Houston over Memphis went down the hatch. Wasn’t bad until Memphis got embarrassed at Rice, then you knew the Tigers had to bounce back — though the Coogs were competitive.

I am still sticking with Memphis over host UTEP on Saturday, and I now think it will be for the regular-season title and the No. 1 seed. I am flipping one projected game in UAB’s favor, giving the following result:

1. Memphis 12-4
2. UAB 11-5
3. UTEP 11-5
4. Tulsa 10-6
5. Southern Miss 10-6
6. Marshall 9-7
7. SMU 8-8
8. ECU 6-10
9. UCF 6-10
10. Rice 5-11
11. Houston 5-11
12. Tulane 3-13

Tournament guess: At this minute, I am looking at Herd-Houston with the winner playing UTEP, both at 7:30 p.m. ET March 9-10. (We East Coast newspaper types are sweating out that 10 p.m. game, as usual.)