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Projected C-USA standings before Feb. 16

First, I’m going to stick with my projection of Marshall finishing 6-2, after recovering against East Carolina … which means the Herd has exhausted half those losses. Now, I am flipping the Herd-Tulsa result, an interesting game I had going to the Golden Hurricane.

Speaking of Tulsa, two of my irrational picks of this week involved that team. I am projecting ECU to steal one out of the Reynolds Center and then Tulsa going to Dallas and taking it out on SMU. Other upset pick: Southern Miss dumping UTEP this Wednesday in Hattiesburg.

As I’ve said before, logic doesn’t always apply in a 40-minute game. Anyway, here goes:

1. Memphis 12-4
2. UTEP  12-4
3. UAB  10-6
4. Southern Miss 10-6
5. Marshall 9-7
6. Tulsa  9-7
7. Houston 8-8
8. SMU  7-9
9. ECU  6-10
10. Rice  5-11
11. UCF  5-11
12. Tulane 3-13

If the Herd pulls a 5 seed after a 3-6 start, that would be a really, really nice job.