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Projected C-USA standings before Feb. 9

First, a mild correction to my game preview. UAB is indeed a half-game behind of first, not a full game. I made a quick glance at the C-USA site and the basketball home page hadn’t been fully update. But I should just memorize the standings and be done with it, right?

Anyway, I offer my first stab at projected C-USA final standings — “stab” being the operative term. I do not offer this as a basis for any cash wager.

Some conventions:
— I will take the Marshall-optimistic route and pick the Thundering Herd to go 6-2 the rest of the way. I think this team can do it and the schedule sets up for it. Look for MU to lose at UTEP on March 2 and boot one other game … not sure which, except it won’t be @Tulane.
— This will NOT be driven by the RPI. For this batch, I didn’t look at it.
— I’m leaning heavily on the home team, picking it 30 times out of 44 games.
— Upsets will happen, and some will be inexplicable. With that in mind, I will factor in a few irrational hunches. Most controversial: Memphis winning at UTEP on Feb. 26.

Here we go:
Memphis 12-4
UTEP 12-4
Tulsa 11-5
Southern Miss 10-6
Marshall 9-7
UAB 9-7
Houston 8-8
SMU 7-9
ECU 7-9
Rice 5-11
UCF 4-12
Tulane 3-13