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Marshall at Ohio, live

Let’s try this again… I think the net is better than Louisville, but we’ll see…

Small crowd at The Convo with the students out on quarter break… A full high school band is taking up half the usual “O Zone” section courtside. … And I love having the students courtside.

Pena starting, Spikes, Shaq, Kanes and Baines. … the usual. Ohio plays “Thunderstruck” during its introductions. WTH?

Ohio 5, Herd 0: Distastrous start. Baltic 2, Cooper 3 off a turnover…

Ohio 8, Marshall 2 at 15:59: Kane is not on this planet right now. He’s really, really out of it … except when he drew the charge …. oh, wait, it was called a block. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If the officiating takes that track, I’m going back out in the snow. Still, a bad, bad start for the Herd.

Herd 10, Ohio 10 at 10:57: After that bad start, an 8-0 run … this Herd team can get downcourt very quick in transition when the opportunity is there. …. Baines, etc. starting to assert themselves inside … that will be a match of power vs. skill and quickness all game. … Marshall has ball after Johnny Higgins got swatted by DeVaughn Washington.

Herd 18, Ohio 13 at 7:46: Dago just hit a 3, ending a string of horrendous possessions by both sides. Ohio has 5 turnovers in a row, including a lane violation on a 1-and-1. Big men using all of their fouls — Allen 2, Spikes 2 and Aundra Williams 1. The youngster is still a little lost.

Herd 22, Ohio 17 at 3:14: D.J. Cooper on line after drawing Audra Williams’ 2nd foul. Herd slid into the 3-2 zone with some effectiveness… Johnny Higgins with 4 straight, 2 on FTs and 2 more on a smooth drive.

Herd 25, Ohio 23 at 1:11: Kane passes up Williams and hits a 3 at the top of key … I’m all for it!

Herd 27, Ohio 23 at the half: Baines hits a 2 at the top of the key and Cooper misses at the buzzer. All things considered, the Herd must be happy with the result.

The ugly numbers: Herd shooting 36 percent, Ohio 33.3 percent … Ohio 13 turnovers, Herd 12 … Ohio 2-of-10 from 3-point range, a tough number for that team. Marshall is 3-of-7, which it will take every half. BUT… Marshall is 6-of-18 inside the arc, where it typically is much better. The pregame figure was 57 or 58 percent, methinks.

Cooper has 7 points to lead all scorers… Baines and Higgins have 4 for the Herd, and Kane has just 2, with 3 turnovers. Ouch!

Herd 32, Ohio 23 at 18:01: Great start, with 5 fastbreak points. Kane made a sweet dish-out to Dago, who buried the 3 and forced John Groce to use a timeout. Bobcats ball.

Herd 34, Ohio 25 at 15:50: Kane is starting to assert himself in transition, and he’s on the line after this timeout. Washington missed a chippie at the other end, though Nigel Spikes may have had something to do with it. Washington has a little disadvantage at 6-8.

Herd 43, Ohio 40 at 11:40: Bobcats starting to hit 3s and get back in it. But the Herd made its play of the year, when Spikes rebounded a Pena 3, got it out to Pena, who went behind the back to Baines for a dunk — at the shot-clock buzzer.

Herd 47, Ohio 43 at 9:02: Bobcats tied it with Baltic 3-pointer (abused Espinosa), but Kane scores on a baseline drive and a j from the line. He’s back…

Herd 49, Ohio 45 at 7:55: Johnny Thomas bails out Shaq on his second airballed 3 of the game. Another tough day for Shaq. … Kane has 12, Baines 10; Cooper 14, Baltic 10 for Ohio. Baltic has backdoored Marshall more often than I’ve seen all season.

Herd 55, Ohio 52 at 3:49: Bobcats’ ball after Shaq stole a pass (great play) and then carried the ball (bad play). Spikes missed 2 free throws before that. Washington showed a nice midrange jumper to set this score. We’ll go to the wire with this one, I’m sure.

Herd 57, Ohio 55 at 2:42: Kane hit 2 free throws, though Ohio wanted traveling … Washington missed close-in attempt vs. Baines. Herrion calls 30-second time.

Herd 59, Ohio 55 at 1:47: Groce takes a 30 in mid-possession, after Spikes hits 2 free throws (really).

Herd 62, Ohio 55 at 1:08: Free throws!

Herd 62, Ohio 57 at 49.4: Herd on double bonus, has made 9-of-12 FTs since last FG.

Same score, 46.7: Shaq lost ball under big pressure in backcourt. Ohio takes last timeout after trouble inbounding in frontcourt.

Herd 65, Ohio 57: It’s over!