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Little hoops, some more footy

Catching up on basketball … I guess the Herd didn’t get LeBron, right? Hey, his clock hasn’t started yet!

The big news is this: Much of the Henderson Center projects have  been finished including the lighting. There is NO MORE BUZZING! That was the only thing more abominable than the pooch kickoff at UCF.

The 14 scholarship players could get down to 13 in a hurry. Things may or may not work out for one of the juco imports. As you know, issues can and do pop up with those … Johnny Higgins is said to be fine, though.

… Summer school went well, with players racking up a 3.1 combined GPA, but there may be a touchy issue or two among the returning crew. We’ll see…

Looks like coach Tom Herrion and AD Mike Hamrick are going to have to take a deep breath and bring in two non-Div I foes to the Cam. Good news: I’ve heard who and I can safely bet they’re better than Rio Grande, Brescia and Salem International. … and they won’t cross state lines to get here.

Back to football. I wondered where Marshall was on its opponents’ schedule — in other words, what game they’ll come off of and who they play next. The chart follows:

Sept. 2 at Ohio State (Opener. Next: Miami, 9 days later.)
Sept. 10 West Virginia (Short week, but after Coastal Carolina. Next: Maryland)
Sept. 18 at Bowling Green (At Tulsa. Next: At Michigan.)
Sept. 25 Ohio (At Ohio State. Next: At Eastern Michigan.)

Oct. 2 at Southern Miss (At Louisiana Tech. Next: East Carolina)
Oct. 13 Central Florida (UAB, on Wednesday the 6th. Next: Rice, 10 days later)
Oct. 23 East Carolina (N.C. State. Next: at UCF … wow)
Oct. 30 UTEP (Tulane. Next: SMU)

Nov. 6 at UAB (at Southern Miss. Next: East Carolina, 5 days later)
Nov. 13 Memphis (Tennessee. Next: at UAB, the Battle for the Bones)
Nov. 20 at SMU (OFF WEEK after at UTEP. Next: at East Carolina, 6 days later)
Nov. 27 Tulane (UCF. Next: Season over.)

By my count, six MU opponents will be coming off tough games. WVU is certainly not one of them — I would perforate MU officials for scheduling Coastal Carolina. East Carolina will be slogging through it when the Herd arrives in Greenville, so that makes it very interesting. Worst break: SMU getting two weeks before the Herd’s seventh trip to the Lone Star State. Ugh.