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C-USA basketball tourney update

A little update here… good to see Memphis taking timeout from griping about Conference USA to make a solid pitch to get the hoops tournament back. Your update here, courtesy of the CA.

Just to recap my views on it, Memphis is the better site despite the bashing the conference receives from the home folks. Having been to Tulsa, the only advantage there is a way-cool arena that makes FedExForum look bland … from the outside, anyway. Of course, the FedEx has much, much, much more around it and Memphis is a much livelier place. … Still the best city in which Marshall has played a postseason tournament.

El Paso will appreciate the tournament more and is submitting the larger bid. Geography still kills it … and I know one vote it won’t get.

Houston? Ummmm… I’d rather see the thing in Hattiesburg. Really, I would.