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C-USA projection, 2/28

Well… go to my post on Feb. 25, because nothing has changed. As you’ll see, I even picked correctly SMU’s win over Houston, coming off the heels of Houston’s win over Memphis.

Let’s start tackling Roger’s tiebreaker question, because if Marshall is going to climb out of the 4th seed, it likely will do so on a tiebreaker. The Herd could rise to No. 2 and that would certainly be on a tiebreaker. (UAB plays Memphis on Wednesday.) UTEP has clinched No. 1, no questions.

Head-to-head with Memphis is no good, period. That’s easy.

Others are tougher, in part because there are other big games, such as UAB-UTEP next Saturday. Tulsa plays SMU and Memphis. Memphis plays UAB and Tulsa. Marshall plays UTEP and SMU (oops).

Later tonight or maybe Monday, I’ll play a few things out.