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The $80,000 Pension Club

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Below is a list of all West Virginia state pension recipients drawing more than $80,000 per year, obtained from the state Consolidated Public Retirement Board through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Gazette-Mail.

The four different pension plans featured in the $80k pension club include:

  • Teachers Retirement System – includes all state teachers, school service personnel and school administrators. Employees can retire at any age with full benefits as long as they have 35 years of service.
  • Public Employees’ Retirement System – includes all state employees, including civilian workers for the state of West Virginia. Non-state employees – city, county commission, and other local government agencies not affiliated with the state – are also included in this system. Employees can retire with full benefits when they are 55 as long as their age and years of service total 80. Employees can also retire at 60 with as few as five years of service.
  • State Police Retirement System – there are two retirement systems. The first was closed in 1994. Since then, all troopers that have joined the State Police  have entered into the State Police Plan B. No Plan B participants draw a pension over $80,000.  Any trooper can retire at 50 with 25 years of service or at 52 with 20 years of service.
  • Judges Retirement System – includes retired judges who are 65 or older with 16 years of service, 12 of which must come as a sitting judge or justice. Judges can also retire at any age with 24 years of service, of which 12 must come as a sitting judge or justice. Participants’ annual benefits are based on the current salaries of their successors.

Click on the boxes at the top of each column to sort by name, plan, monthly or annual amount, benefit start date, or contributing years.

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