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Charleston Police Department Call Data

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Every day, the Charleston Police Department receives dozens of phone calls in response to various events that occur throughout the city. Some of these calls end up being nothing, others lead to an investigation in a possible crime committed.

The following is a map of every single call involving violent and drug-related offenses in the city of Charleston between Jan. 1 and Nov. 11.

The map includes shootings, stabbings, assaults, drug trafficking, breaking and entering, as well as robberies and car jackings.

It should be noted, that this map does not indicate that a crime actually occurred at each location. It does, however, indicate that police were called about an alleged incident that occurred at each location.

Interested in looking at a particular crime, like assaults? Just click on the word in the filter box in the lower left corner and it will show you all the assaults in the selected time period.

Interested in looking at a particular time period – say January to March? Use the Date filter bar to go to your desired dates.

Although the map does not have every street name on it, if you click on an icon, it will show you the address associated with the call.

Metro Communications was source for all the data used on this map.