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I’ve spent all day trying to compile the list of delegates that are going to the Republican National Convention. With 99 precincts reporting as of 5:39 p.m., I think I’ve got the list down.

Trump won 30 pledged delegates from West Virginia. That’s 88 percent of the delegates in a state where he won 77 percent of the vote. He was guaranteed the three RNC delegates-Conrad Lucas, Melody Potter and Kris Warner-when he won the popular vote.

Trump also won all 9 congressional district delegates. They are:
District 1: Barry Bledsoe, Mary Beth Andreini and Phil Mallow.
District 2 (97 percent reporting): Vic Sprouse, Mike Stuart and Ron Walters.
District 3: Ray Canterbury, Michael Baisden and Mark Maynard

Trump won 18 out of 22 at-large delegates. Two of the uncommitted delegates have verbally pledged their support to Trump, according to Mike Stuart, the co-chair of Donald Trump’s West Virginia campaign, but they aren’t bound to vote for him. Morrisey hasn’t endorsed Trump yet and Katrina Lewis couldn’t be reached for comment, but pledged her support to Kasich in January.

Here they are:

Candidate Supports Votes County District
Donna Boley Trump 70675 Pleasants 1
Diana Bartley Trump 69512 Harrison 1
Stephanie Abramowitz Trump 69267 Kanawha 2
Vicki Dunn-Marshall Trump 67088 Cabell 3
Gregory Baldt Trump 66723 Hancock 1
Joe Harper Trump 66721 Pendleton 2
Kristi Beddow Trump 66583 Mingo 3
Anne Dandelet Trump 65833 Cabell 3
Brian Casto Trump 64931 Kanawha 2
Craig Evans Trump 63683 Wayne 3
Dan Hill Trump 63314 Fayette 3
Kevin Honaker Trump 63004 Raleigh 3
Kristi Jeffrey Trump 61449 Fayette 3
Stephen McElroy Trump 55201 Harrison 1
Aaron Metz Trump 53234 Monongalia 1
John Raese Trump 48948 Monongalia 1
Caleb Turner Trump 33606 Putnam 2
Michael Snelling Trump 30173 Putnam 2
Patrick Morrisey Uncommitted 16470 Jefferson 2
Mitch Carmichael Uncommitted 15892 Jackson 2
Andy McKenzie Uncommitted 12643 Ohio 1
Katrina Lewis Kasich 9910 Marshall 1

We’re still waiting on a few more precincts to report in District 2, but I don’t see an awful lot changing with that vote. If anything, the only thing that might happen is Mitch Carmichael may get knocked out and Bob Adams may get in if there’s a precinct that went heavily for Cruz.

Trump would have won all 34 delegates if it weren’t for some rules that were put in place before the 2016 primary that limited delegates based on where they live. There will be a story about this in Friday’s paper, but here’s the rule.

“The 7 top vote getters from each Congressional District, that have been voted on by all Republican primary voters in the state, are elected as Delegates- totaling 21. (For example, this would allow for CD 3 voters to cast their vote for a Delegate candidate in CD 1 or CD 2 and visa versa)
Of the 22 At Large delegates that will be selected on the statewide ballot not more than 2 may come from the same county.”

That’s why there’s a Kasich supporter with way less votes than everyone else on my list. Lewis was actually the 60th overall and 10th in CD 1.

If you want to see the vote totals in order, for both at-large and congressional districts, here’s my spreadsheet that I used to sort through all of this. The first 22 names are in bold because those are the people who would have made the convention had the geographic rules not been in place. The people who are eliminated are in red. I only put in the county and districts for the top 75.

I’ll update the story when the AP comes in with their final numbers.