The 304 The Gazette-Mail's Data Center

This will be my final post for the Gazette-Mail data blog, which my colleague Dan Desrochers has wonderfully renamed, The 304.

The data blog was a project that Dan and I talked about a lot over the past few months. This particular post was something we’d recently discussed and I decided to just go ahead and make it before I depart the paper (I’m heading to the Tennessean to cover the statehouse in Nashville). For the most part, I’ve had a wonderful time working here and was given the freedom to explore all things data-related and learn how to develop my skills while sharing information to you in a different way.

Dan will do a better job than I and I look forward to continue to following his work.

Anyways, I decided to embark on this insane adventure where I totaled up every single presidential and West Virginia gubernatorial election since 1952. I made this pretty spreadsheet based off the election returns I found on the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office.

I did this in order to basically make these gifs, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Much appreciation goes out to Lisa Bernheim here at the Gazette-Mail, for her work in making the gifs possible.

The is a gif of the results from every presidential election since 1952.



And here’s a gif of the results from every gubernatorial race since 1952.