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Kanawha County Homicide Map

Erin Beck wrote a roundup of the homicides in Kanawha County in 2015, so I made a map to go along with the information that she collected:

Taking a look at the data, this past year there were 14 homicides (not including this one, because we don’t know where it happened or who did it). 64 percent of those homicides involved guns. Another 21 percent involved knives.

Of the homicides where the victims age was reported, the average age of the victims was 33 years old, with the oldest victim being 52 and the youngest 18.

The average age of those charged with murder was 33.7, with the oldest being 59 and the youngest 18.

This will be my final post for the Gazette-Mail data blog, which my colleague Dan Desrochers has wonderfully renamed, The 304.

The data blog was a project that Dan and I talked about a lot over the past few months. This particular post was something we’d recently discussed and I decided to just go ahead and make it before I depart the paper (I’m heading to the Tennessean to cover the statehouse in Nashville). For the most part, I’ve had a wonderful time working here and was given the freedom to explore all things data-related and learn how to develop my skills while sharing information to you in a different way.

Dan will do a better job than I and I look forward to continue to following his work.

Anyways, I decided to embark on this insane adventure where I totaled up every single presidential and West Virginia gubernatorial election since 1952. I made this pretty spreadsheet based off the election returns I found on the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office.

I did this in order to basically make these gifs, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Much appreciation goes out to Lisa Bernheim here at the Gazette-Mail, for her work in making the gifs possible.

The is a gif of the results from every presidential election since 1952.



And here’s a gif of the results from every gubernatorial race since 1952.






This will be my final update to the 2016 Election Guide – all future posts to the guide will come from Dan Desrochers, who will continue to keep a close eye on the 2016 election.

You can find the 2016 Election Guide here.

Here are the latest filings:

House of Delegates

  • Incumbent Republican David A. Evans  (Cameron) has filed for re-election in District 4. Incumbent Dem Michael Ferro has also filed papers for re-election.
  • Paul Ross – Barboursville, District 18, Democrat
  • Mark Ross – Wayne, District 19, Republican
  • Robert Thompson – Wayne, District 19, Democrat
  • Gary L. Michels – Wayne, District 19, Democrat
  • Charlotte Lane – Charleston, District 35, Republican
  • Clayton Derrick Moore – Elkins, District 43, Republican
  • Phillips Bruce Kolsun – Elkins, District 43, Republican
  • Billy Smerka Jr – Parkersburg, District 51, Democrat
  • Linda Maya Meyers – Williamstown, District 51, Democrat
  • Joe Funkhouser – Charles Town, District 66, Republican

State Senate

  • H. John Rogers (New Martinsville) is the first Democrat to file papers in the race to replace Sen. Jeff Kessler in District 2. Republican Virginia Ginger Nalley (Sistersville) previously filed her paperwork as well.


  • Ralph A Lorenzetti – Charles Town, Circuit Court Judge, 23rd Circuit
  • Sharon Mullens – Charleston, Family Court Judge, 11th Circuit, Division 5
  • Joyce Dumbaugh Chernenko – Weirton, Family Court Judge, 1st Circuit, Division 1
  • Chad Crumbaker – Washington, Family Court Judge, 3rd Circuit
  • Robert Carl Hicks – Martinsville, Family Court Judge, 2nd Circuit
  • David Greenberg – Falling Waters, Family Court Judge, 24th Circuit, Division 3
  • Gary Johnson – Summersville, Circuit Court Judge
  • Jacob Reger – Buckhannon, Circuit Court Judge, 26th Circuit, Division 1
  • Ellen Smith – Vienna, Family Court Judge, 3rd Circuit
  • William Wooton – Charleston, Supreme Court
  • David Wilmoth – Elkins, Circuit Court Judge, 20th Circuit
  • Brian Craig Dempster – Williamstown, Family Court Judge, 3rd Circuit, Division 1
  • Christopher J. McCarthy – Clarksburg, Circuit Court Judge, 15th Circuit, Division 1
  • Kennad Skeen – Ripley, Circuit Court Judge, 2nd Circuit
  • Glen Stotler – Berkeley Springs, Family Court Judge, 23rd Circuit, Division 1
  • Susan Tucker – Morgantown, Circuit Court Judge, 17th Circuit, Division 1
  • William James O’Brien – Buckhannon, Circuit Court Judge, 26th Circuit
  • Darl W. Poling – Cool Ridge, Circuit Court Judge
  • Eric O’Briant – Logan, Circuit Court Judge, 7th Circuit, Division 2


  • Barry Holstein – Secretary of State – Charleston, Republican
  • Andrew Warner – Secretary of State – Morgantown, Republican
  • Tia Brooke Coode – undeclared, Harpers Ferry, Non-partisan
  • Brian Prim – undeclared, Fraziers Bottom, Democrat
  • Edward Ryan Kennedy – undeclared, Clarksburg, Non Partisan
  • Ann Urling – State Treasurer, Elkview, Republican
  • Doug Reynolds – undeclared, Kenova, Democrat
  • Guy Ward – undeclared, White Hall, Republican
  • Donteako Wilson, House of Delegates, Charleston, Democrat

Charleston Police call data

Every day, the Charleston Police Department receives dozens of phone calls in response to various events that occur throughout the city. Some of these calls end up being nothing, others lead to an investigation in a possible crime committed.

The following is a map of every single call involving violent and drug-related offenses in the city of Charleston between Jan. 1 and Nov. 11.

The map includes shootings, stabbings, assaults, drug trafficking, breaking and entering, as well as robberies and car jackings.

It should be noted, that this map does not indicate that a crime actually occurred at each location. It does, however, indicate that police were called about an alleged incident that occurred at each location.

Interested in looking at a particular crime, like assaults? Just click on the word in the filter box in the lower left corner and it will show you all the assaults in the selected time period.

Interested in looking at a particular time period – say January to March? Use the Date filter bar to go to your desired dates.

Although the map does not have every street name on it, if you click on an icon, it will show you the address associated with the call.

Metro Communications was source for all the data used on this map.

This map will live on this page found on the blog.