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Pre-candidacy filings – Nov. 10-22

I apologize for the extreme delay in this update. I’ve been busy helping cover the Don Blankenship trial so I haven’t had much time to do the latest pre-candidacy filings. You can find the 2016 Election Guide here.

I’ve updated the guide with the latest filings (see below) and, thanks to a suggestion by my colleague, Dan Desrochers, I’ve changed the colors of each district.

Now there are three colors, depending on who is representing each district. If Democrats have a majority (in terms of who is currently in office) in the district, it is shaded blue. If Republicans have a majority, it is shaded red. And if there is an even split, the district is shaded purple.

On the Senate map, I’ve added both incumbents and what year they are up for re-election (ie 2016 or 2018). Everyone in the House is up for re-election in 2016.

And now, here are your latest filings:

House of Delegates

  • Anne Dandelet (Huntington) is the latest Republican to join the race in District 17. She and Jarred Cannon (Huntington) are joining fellow Republican Delegate Matthew Rohrbach in hopes of taking away a seat currently held by Democrat Doug Reynolds, who has not filed his pre-candidacy papers yet. For the Democrats, Chad Lovejoy and Joe Fincham (both of Huntington) have filed their pre-candidacy papers.
  • Sheldon Harmon (Wayne) became the third potential Republican candidate to enter the race in District 19. John Creamer (Huntington) and Henry Dillon (Kenova), who are both Republicans, already filed their paperwork, while Delegates Ken Hicks and Don Perdue (both Democrats) have yet to indicate their intentions for 2016.
  • Republican Delegate Ray Canterbury (Ronceverte) filed his paperwork to run again in District 42. Canterbury along with  George Ambler – also a Republican – are the incumbents. Ambler previously filed his pre-candidacy papers. The only other person to file paperwork in the district is Democrat Stephen Baldwin Jr (Ronceverte).
  • Republican Moore Capito (Charleston), who is U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito’s son, is joining an ever crowding race to represent District 35. The district is currently currently represented by Democrat Andrew Byrd and Republicans John B. McCuskey, Eric Nelson and Chris Stansbury. Stansbury is running for the 17 District of the state Senate – a seat which is currently occupied by Democrat Corey Palumbo, who recently announced his intentions to run for re-election. McCuskey is running for state auditor. Nelson has already filed pre-candidacy papers to run for re-election, while Byrd has not. Others to file their pre-candidacy papers include: Democrat Benjamin Adams (Charleston) and Republicans Matt Kelly and Lance Wheeler (both of St. Albans), and Keith Alan Pauley (Charleston).
  • Two new Republicans, Ray Hollen (Mineral Wells) and Angela Summers (Washington) entered the race in District 9, when they recently filed their paperwork. Incumbent Republican Anna Border-Sheppard has yet to file any paperwork for 2016. No other candidates have filed yet.
  • Republican Zachery Maynard (Harts) filed his paperwork to run in District 22. The district is currently represented by Michel Moffatt, who has filed to run for re-election. Democrat William Holstein has filed his pre-candidacy papers as well.


  • William G. Hartman – Elkins, Democrat


  • Mahmood Ahmed (Charleston, Circuit Court Judge, 10th Circuit)
  • Scott Andrews (Huntington, Circuit Court Judge)
  • Thomas Bedell (Bridgeport, Circuit Court Judge)
  • David Janes (Fairmont, Circuit Court Judge)
  • Ronald Salmons (West Hamlin, Family Court Judge, 10th Circuit, Division 2)