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There are 169 days until West Virginia’s Primary Election and as the countdown continues, gubernatorial candidate Jim Justice keeps spending money on TV ads.

Justice has bought another round of 30-second spots to run on stations throughout the state between now and December 1.

The Democratic candidate, who is running against state Senator Jeff Kessler, has scaled back his TV buys a bit lately.

In his first two weeks of running ads, Justice was spending about $50,000 a week on ads.

But for the week that began on Nov. 4, Justice began spending less. That week, he paid almost $3,600 for 185 ads.

According to the latest FCC filings, Justice spent $33,440 on 172 ads that ran Nov. 18 – 24.

And between Nov. 25 and Dec. 1, Justice spent $32,680 on 160 ads.

That brings the billionaire’s grand total to about $311,000 on more than 1,600 ads since he began running them on Oct. 14.

That comes to about $6,485 a day.

If Justice keeps pace with his past practices, he will have spent just over $1.3 million on TV ads between when he first started running ads and next year’s May 10 Primary Election.

As of this writing, no other gubernatorial candidate in West Virginia has spent money on TV ads.