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West Virginia School District Salary Database

The following database contains the 2015-2016 salaries for every single employee in the Berkeley, Cabell, Kanawha and Harrison County School Districts.

Curious about what a teacher, administrator or janitor makes – all you have to do is search the database below.

You can leave the entire form blank and look at more than 9,600 salaries in the four school districts. Sort each column by clicking the header at the top.

You can also search by beginning to type in the first or last name of an employee. Type in a name and the searchbox will automatically complete your search, like Google.

Looking for a few employees in an individual school building – like Sissonville High School or all maintenance workers? You can easily search them by utilizing the dropdown menus next to Position or School/Department.

It should be noted, the source for the information used in this database were obtained from both school districts.

As more schools respond to our request for their payroll, we will add them to the database.

But for now, enjoy.