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Please follow these few simple rules if you want your comments published:

1. Be respectful of others, especially those your disagree with — this includes other readers and commenters , public officials, and even coal industry executives.

2. No name calling.

3. Come to this comment section with an open mind, and try to learn about other people, not just spout off your own opinion.

4. Please provide links and citations to published material to back up your views, when appropriate.

5. Keep the cheer-leading comments to a minimum, and stay on topic of the post you’re commenting on. Coal Tattoo does not have free-for-all open threads. If you have a news item related to coal that you didn’t see mentioned on this blog, a good place to mention it is in the comments section of the weekly “Friday roundup.”

Please  use an e-mail address that is working and that you check frequently. Your e-mail address will not be published, but I might need to contact you off-list with a question about your comment. Also, please pick a screen name and stick with it. It’s not fair for one person to use multiple screen names to make it appear others share their views.

Finally, if you are a a paid advocate — a lawyer, public relations person or lobbyist — involved in coal issues, please sign in under your real name. It’s not fair to other readers to have paid advocates pretending to be members of the general public.