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Report: Coal’s future hangs on need for CO2 limits


Another report out today confirms again what we’ve talked about many times (see here, here and here)  before here on Coal Tattoo: If coal industry supporters want to protect mining’s future, they need to insist that the government finally get around to setting some sort of limits on carbon dioxide emissions.

The new report, from the Global CCS Institute, explains again that the main thing holding back work on carbon capture and storage technology is the lack of a clear path for government regulation of global warming pollution.  You can read the full report here, and this is a quick quote from their press release:

Notwithstanding recent strong progress, with four additional projects becoming operational since 2012 – an increase of 50 per cent in one year – Mr Page said momentum was too slow if CCS was to play its full part in tackling climate change at lowest cost.

“Seventy per cent of CCS proponents agree that policy uncertainty is a major risk to their project. Indeed, ongoing uncertainty about the timing, nature, extent and durability of emissions reduction policies is limiting investment in CCS and stalling its development and deployment. This must be addressed.”