June 28, 2013 by Ken Ward Jr.

In a blog post a few weeks ago (Politics and the future of the coalfields: ‘What happens here in the hills once the coal runs dry?’), we discussed the potential U.S. Senate run of Charleston lawyer Nick Preservati.

In doing so, I incorrectly reported on his involvement in a lawsuit brought by the natural gas industry over some coal industry miner safety regulations. Preservati did not represent the gas industry in that case; he actually represented the state Board of Coal Mine Health and Safety (subscription required), and was involved in drafting the rule at issue.

The original post has been edited, with strike-thru and underline, to reflect the accurate information.

My apologies for this error.

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  1. the curious says:

    The professionalism of this post (we’re reading/commenting on a blog, folks!) underscores why I read Coal Tattoo and have a lot of respect for Ken.

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