Don Blankenship: ‘Miners deserve the safest coal mine that truth and technology can give them’

January 9, 2013 by Ken Ward Jr.

Gazette photo by Chip Ellis

I try to keep up with the words of wisdom from former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship (see here and here) … but it’s hard now that he’s blocked me from following him on Twitter.

So thanks to Mike Niven over at SNL Financial, for pointing out these two recent tweets:

5 Responses to “Don Blankenship: ‘Miners deserve the safest coal mine that truth and technology can give them’”

  1. MGP says:

    I don’t understand. Do you disagree with him?

  2. MGP says:

    (For what it’s worth, and for the record, I don’t agree with him.

    In the first place, no mine was made safe or unsafe because of anything lawmakers did. Mines are safe or unsafe because of what operators do or don’t do. Mine operators are not prevented from implementing whatever “lessons of experience” they are aware of, without congressional action. Moreover, if a mine operator is aware of a technological advancement they can propose the use of such themselves, to the extent such is required.

    The second tweet is deceptive. It appears to be a point about safety, but is in fact an observation about “truth” and “technology.” Again, it suggests that mine safety depends on factors that are beyond operators’ control.)

  3. Ralphieboy says:

    What’s required is for coal operators to care more about miner safety (and the health and safety of mining community residents) than they do about corporate profits. This, sadly, was never the case with Blankenship.

  4. kathy Adkins says:

    I don’t understand why you posted these tweets? If Don Blankenship blocked you it makes us the readers think just “maybe” you were harrassing him. My husband is a coal miner for Patriot Coal and I worry every time he leaves for work but am weary of all the bad publicity his profession gets. Mines aren’t safe due to purposely or non purposely over looked important details that is usually the responsibility of the higher ups or a lazy worker. I do feel the government with its constant fines, constant nagging, bad publicity, constant hiking of the rules making it so hard for mine owners to keep in business their fault. Starting with our president. I don’t agree with either Don Blankenships tweets or understand if you had to get them through another person, what your sole purpose was for.

  5. Angela Romagnoli says:

    Blankenship is trying to gather support for removing more of our Allegheny Mountains. Apparently 500 total in WV, Tenn and Ky isn’t enough!!

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